1. Actually, if you’re going to be gender accurate,  it’s a cow. 

Man, I love this #anime. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.  #GekkanShojoNozakiKun #animenocontext

    Actually, if you’re going to be gender accurate, it’s a cow.

    Man, I love this #anime. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. #GekkanShojoNozakiKun #animenocontext

  2. morgrana:

    "you can’t watch an entire tv series in one night"


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  3. benedictcumberbabe:


    Benedict Cumberbatch accepts his GQ award 2014, a bit drunk [x]

    this man is pure gold

    but pure alcohol at this point.

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  4. ladymirth:

    I don’t trust people who bash Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Dumbledore. Sure, they have their faults but if you can’t see what beautiful human beings they are, you need to GTFO.

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  5. No one says it out loud but I betcha Bruce Banner is having so much fun inside his head when he Hulks out and starts tearing shit up.
  6. burningupasun:

    "How can you be so sure he is not the real thing?” "Because, he can’t be."

    I didn’t hate Clara in this one.

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    I tried so hard to scroll past this. I really did.

    damn it Radio 2

    I just learned a new method for business.

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    India’s Academy of Sorcery boasts an impressive display of flashy colours, from enchanted saris that shift colours sporadically throughout the day, to the lavishly painted exterior of the academy which is situated in a nondescript location along Ganges River. Due to the frightening rate at which the school’s ancient mango tree (jokingly nicknamed “Mammoth Mango Machine”) produces mangoes, students have to endure the perpetually evolving art of mango cuisine at least five days a week. Every year, to the students’ great enjoyment, classes are halted for Diwali to make time for various competitions that take place: firework flourishes and charms for upper-year students (bonus points if it doesn’t set any part of the school on fire), and lantern designing for lower-year students (use of animals, alive or dead, is forbidden).
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  10. #anime #animenocontext #GurrenLagann

    #anime #animenocontext #GurrenLagann

  11. The bus is coming.

    The bus is coming.

  12. artofsuri:

    I got the opportunity to present at PechaKucha Colombo this August where I talked/mumbled about what it’s like to be an Introvert. Also, I shamelessly stole most of the facts from the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Thank you, Susan Cain.

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  13. ramjet94:

    Remember how Teen Titans had a lesson about Racism without blatantly bringing Cyborg’s Race into it?

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  14. Is it? #Anime #animenocontext #GekkanShojoNozakiKun

    Is it? #Anime #animenocontext #GekkanShojoNozakiKun

  15. just nicknames between friends #Anime #animenocontext #funny #GekkanShojoNozakiKun

    just nicknames between friends #Anime #animenocontext #funny #GekkanShojoNozakiKun


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